OSDP Card Reader Technology – A Safer Solution

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol ) Capabilities are changing the card access control system security game

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol ) Capabilities are changing the access security game, improving upon traditional Weigand technologies and providing a new, safer way of communicating card access control system information from card readers to panels.

OSDP card reader technology offers the following benefits in the field of access control:

  • Improved security, harder for malicious entities to hack
  • Bi-directional communications as opposed to one-directional communications of Weigand tech
  • Can be monitored to ensure wiring or devices have not been tampered with
  • Can be remotely programmed including configuration changes and firmware updates, reducing trips to the field

To break it down, traditional communications from the card to security panel involve two card readers being wired to an access control panel. The access control panel is then wired to the area controller, which is then wired to the Server – this where the cardholder database resides. OSDP card reader technology offers a new and more secure bi-directional system of communications of card information from reader to panel. While we have always had the ability to encrypt communications from the access panel to the area controller, and then to the server, OSDP provides the missing link for encryption all the way through.

We are committed to staying up to date with the latest technology, information and industry standards. Our commitment to being a leader in the field means we are constantly improving our systems and looking for more secure ways to provide access control systems to our customers. Card Lock currently has the capabilities of offering OSDP with our systems through our manufacturers Farpointe and HID Global. To find out more about Card Lock’s customized card access control system solutions, contact us today.

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