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For over 70 years, we have specialized in high-quality card access control products, at the lowest prices.

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What is Card Lock® Company?

We are a third generation company that is backed by the Thompson family name, which has been synonymous with high quality card access control products for over 70 years.

Card Lock® is a simple and low cost way of solving the age-old metal key problem for private clubs. Only paid-up members are issued card keys. Then, for each new dues period, the lock combination is changed and new cards are issued as each member pays.

Card Lock Company Card Readers

Why Card Lock®?

Speed dues collection.

With Card Lock® you control access to your club, or if you prefer, to different areas within your club. Only members who are paid-up can enter. When renewal time rolls around, only paid-up members are issued new cards.

Gain and keep happier members.

Cards attractively imprinted with your clubs logo are more than keys. They become member benefits adding to the prestige of membership. When members recommend your club to friends, they have a pocket size billboard to help them.

Improve security while reducing its cost.

Metal keys are easy to duplicate at just about any hardware store. Many clubs require the services of a doorman or security guard because key duplication is so easy. Unlike metal keys, card keys are virtually impossible to duplicate. They are also easier and less expensive to change than metal keys, and they improve security so much the services of a doorman or security guard are no longer needed, reducing operation costs dramatically.

Who uses Card Lock® Company?

Card Locks® can be found in facilities and organizations across America.