Electric Strikes for Every Type of Lockset

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From Fail-Safe to Fail-Secure – Total Protection with Electric Strikes

Electric strikes utilize an electromagnetic locking technology to control the locks on doors in areas you want to secure.

Fail-secure, or fail-locked, electric door strikes can be opened when electrictrified and stay locked when the power is out. Fail-safe, or fail-open, electric door strikes allow for manual opening during a power failure and lock when power is on.

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    Our System Specifications

    Electric strikes are triggered with an access control device that releases the lock bolt or latch.

    CardLock provides a variety of credentials for to fit your unique business needs including key cards, key fobs, mobile credentials or passcode keypads.

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    Traditional door locks are a thing of the past. Installing electric door strikes makes it fully convenient for anyone to enter and exit a building automatically.

    By connecting to the system to a remote network, anyone can allow someone to enter a building with the click of a button after verifying who they are.

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    Affordable to Install

    Electric door strike systems are both easy and affordable to install. Unlike traditional door lock systems, electric strikes are durable, need little repairs, and provide a long-term return on investment.

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    Electric strikes are versatile lock systems that can be installed on virtually any kind of door, which include:

    • Preloaded doors

    • Fire rated applications

    • Cylindrical locksets

    • Rim exit devices

    • Mortice locksets

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    Available in a variety of configurations to accommodate several types of mechanical locksets and door and frame styles, both new construction and remodeled, electric strikes work best in:

    • Commercial Buildings

    • Warehouses

    • Technology and Industrial Centers

    • Convention Centers

    • Assisted Living and Apartment Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional door lock systems, electric strikes are connected to a power supply. Once it’s activated remotely, the latch and door opens.

Electric door strike installation is surprisingly affordable. The average cost for installation is $300 per door, which prices increasing for larger buildings.

After activation, a door will remain open for no more than 30 seconds. This fail-safe is designed to prevent unauthorized access, but the exact time varies depending on the manufacturer of the system.

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