Electric Strikes or Card Readers

Card Lock Company provides solutions for access control systems including electric door strikes and card readers for a variety of key card access systems to meet your specific needs.

What are Electric Strike Locks?

Electric strikes are electromechanical locks that are placed on the inside of the door frame. When electrical power is supplied to the electric strike it holds the latch or lock bolt in place, and keeps the door securely locked until the release system is activated.

An access control device is used to trigger the electric strike and release the lock bolt or latch. Release systems for electric strikes include electric key cards, fob readers, or a keypad for entering passcodes.

The type of access control system you choose will be dependent upon the needs of your business or organization and whether the door is used as an interior or exterior door, the purpose of the door, and applicable safety regulations.

Once the card access system is activated, the electric strike will pivot and allow the door to open, without the need of touching the door handle. Electric strikes can also be used on a door with an automatic opener.

If for some reason the power goes out, the standard electric strike will stay secure while keeping the door locked from the outside while still allowing the door to open from the inside by turning the door handle or with the touchpad of the panic hardware. Fail safe strikes fail open upon power failure. These are required to meet fire code when specified.

Our electronic lock systems come with a variety of options.

Card Reader Systems

Card Lock Company offers several trademarked Card Reader Systems from a simple key card lock system to advanced fully programmable key card access systems that interface with the Internet. Whether you need to collect dues, ensure proper access or utilize state of the art technology for individual cards, we have the solution for you.

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Man using an electronic key card to access a door