Proximity Door Locks

Proximity RFID Door Locks

Proximity Card Door Lock Systems use a series of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a fob, tag or solid plastic card.  When a user places their keycard near the RFID card reader their credentials are submitted and access is either approved or denied by the customers software.

Benefits of using Proximity Card Door Lock Systems

Increased Security. Our proximity card door lock access control systems using proximity technology have security to ensure that your card readers only collect data from your coded credentials.

Longer Read Range. Proximity technology reads the keycard at a greater read range to the card reader, so it’s a great option for parking management or as a gate access control system.

Reduced Energy Costs. The latest Proximity technology is designed to help reduce energy costs by eliminating unneeded power when the reader is not utilized. This helps conserve the environment, and passes along energy savings to you.

Proximity Card Readers

Proximity Card Readers have long served as a popular entry-level option for physical access control. Featuring contactless 125 kHz RFID technology, Proximity readers are affordable, integrate seamlessly with access control systems, and allow for the use of multiple form factors, including smart cards, fobs, and tags.

Be Proactive About Your Security.

While Proximity technology is a popular choice, it is no longer the most secure option. The newest smart card access control system technology provides the highest level of encryption that mitigates security risks.

Learn more about smart cards here and contact us today to upgrade to the most secure option.

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