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We have shown you in the past how mobile access control can easily enhance your business and management systems, creating more efficiency and increased security with a touch of a button. Mobile access control has become the norm for virtually every industry including education. In the latest news, “Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has become the fifth university in the US to enable its students to load their campus card onto their iPhone or Apple Watch. Those with an Android NFC phone are also able to take advantage of the university’s new mobile credential service.”

Allowing college students to access their University account through an app on their phone, users can do everything from view their profile, gain access to buildings or residence halls, shop at the bookstore or buy meals on campus. In fact, “the digital ID will also work at a number of off-campus businesses including Eddie’s, Pete’s Grille, Chipotle, 7-Eleven, CVS and Insomnia Cookies.” By simply tapping their phone onto the correct device, students and Universities not only have a more streamlined and secure access system into campus buildings and student residences, the University businesses and local economy get a boost with more efficient and quicker means of payment, possibly driving more students to eat out and participate with this app.

Card Lock has been involved in University access control systems for years (stay tuned for our next post on access control and cleanroom solutions) and we know how intuitive mobile access is for younger generations. Not only is every paper turned in virtually for today’s students, as technology improves we may continue to see the advances of mobile access reach every area of University life. Alleviating the need for hand-held ID cards that can be lost or stolen, mobile access for student ID’s benefits the school in time, money and security, students in lost or replacement fees, and the environment as well. We look forward to the continued development of mobile access and all it brings to our future generations.


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