HID Global Solutions Introduces the HID Origo

At Card Lock, we work to make mobile access control as effortless as possible, which is why we partner with companies like HID Global. We are proud to share that in an effort to help organizations operate with more efficient, seamless and secure access control, HID Global has introduced their new physical access control cloud platform, the HID Origo.

The Origo allows for increased reliability and connectivity, as well as real-time data insights to guide business decisions and improve operational efficiency. In an article for Campus Safety, Hilding Arrehed, Vice President of Cloud Services, Physical Access Control, with HID Global was quoted, “HID Origo lays the foundation for a broad ecosystem of cloud-based access control technologies, products, services and business models that will accelerate workplace innovation; it dramatically increases our partners’ capabilities to create more connected and seamless building experiences for end users. The platform will remove integration barriers between access control systems and smart building applications, and we will continue to expand its value with capabilities that further improve how people securely move through a facility and interact with its services.”

The HID Origo offers a subscription-based billing platform with flexible models and is designed with an API-first approach, offering service features and functions to enable partners to develop customized access control solutions. The business intelligence and reports generated from activity data will allow organizations to improve their security while reducing costs, leveraging their efficiency and improving overall budgets and business operations.

Mobile access control is a trend that has shown powerful improvements in operations for managers, employees, and the environment while providing a seamless and more secure system for business owners. At CardLock we are committed to staying on the leading edge of the access control industry and bringing you everything it has to offer, and we will continue to share with you exciting developments in our industry and with our partners like HID Global.

You can read more about the HID Origo, or contact us to find out how Card Lock can help you improve your mobile access security with the latest technology and customizable systems.

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