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From the tried-and-true standards to the cutting-edge, Card Lock® Company provides over 70 years of expertise in access control systems.

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Ensure your people and property are always protected.

After World War II, America’s brave soldiers returned home and formed local clubs and fraternal organizations all across the nation to connect with their fellow GI’s and their families. These clubs needed access control systems not only for security, but to help them collect their annual dues.

Two veterans developed the Card Lock® system to solve this problem, and to this day, Card Lock® Company remains a proudly family-owned company dedicated to helping organizations find the perfect access control solutions for their properties.

Since 1948, Card Lock® Company continues to provide the best access control technologies America can produce.

Seventy Years of the Technology of Tomorrow

Since the 1940s, Card Lock® Company has been committed to providing fraternal organizations, clubs, and other member groups with the latest in reliable key card and access control systems they need to secure their properties, collect annual dues, and more.

Our Card Lock® Core Values


In the 1940s, we pioneered key card technology. Today, we stay on the cutting edge of mobile access, cloud access, and beyond. From one decade to another, we look to the future to provide the best in access control solutions.

Reliable Solutions

As a family-owned, veteran-founded company, we pride ourselves on offering access control solutions our customers can depend on, rain or shine, just as we all depend on the services of our brave soldiers.


From initial assessment to ongoing tech support, we are laser-focused on helping you organization stay well-organized and properly functioning while meeting your ever-changing access control needs.


To sum up Card Lock® Company’s core values in one word—empowerment. Our mission is to empower private clubs and other organizations with access control solutions that fit their needs like a glove.

Get to know the Card Lock® Company family:

Meet Card Lock® Company’s Customers and Partners

Since the 1940s, we’ve been dedicated to providing the latest in access control technology and personalized security for member organizations and fraternities, including illustrious veteran and cause-based organizations such as:

Knights of Columbus logo

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus include nearly 2 million Catholic men whose principal work involves helping others in need. Card Lock Company proudly provides service to keep their organization more secure.

The American Legion logo

The American Legion
Card Lock Company proudly provides service for the Veteran’s organization, The American Legion.

Fraternal Order of Eagles logo

Fraternal Order of Eagles
The Fraternal Order of Eagles, an international nonprofit organization, unites fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills, and by promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.

Card Lock® Company has been able to provide seamless, made-in-the-USA access control solutions to customers large and small since the 1940s thanks to the relationships we’ve built with leading access control and security hardware, software, and solutions, such as:

Continental Access Logo

Continental Access
Continental Access provides unique hardware and software for their security and access management platform that’s easy to program, deploy and use.

Adams Rite Logo

Adams Rite
For over 100 years, Adams Rite has been the aluminum hardware authority, specializing in door hardware lock applications. Their unique, high quality mechanisms interlocks the door to the frame for greater strength and durability.

Mercury Security Logo

Mercury Security Corp.
Mercury Security Corp provides hardware that’s specifically designed for access control systems and adaptable to evolving network environments.

Reap the Benefits of Keyed Entry Systems with Card Lock® Services

From simple and cost-effective traditional Card Locks® to the most modern solutions in mobile and cloud access solutions, Card Lock® Company is here to help you make the most of access control:

Restrict Access

Make sure dues-paying members can get in, and non-members can’t, with key card solutions ranging from the simplest electronic locks to the most advanced cloud and mobile access systems.

Collect Dues

Card Lock® services do more than manage access. With a key card system, fraternal organizations and private clubs can make record-keeping and collecting annual, semi-annual, and quarterly dues easier.

Protect Your Properties

Our offerings of reliable, robust electronic locks and key card systems protect your organization’s building and property from theft, vandalism, and other criminal trespasses after hours.

Ensure your people and property are always protected.

Restrict and void cards in a matter of seconds, manage dues on any schedule you like, and control access based on date or time of day with access control solutions as unique as your organization is.

Explore the Future of Access Control with Card Lock® Company

Providing the best in access control technologies requires diligence, dedication, and a firm commitment to keeping up-to-date with the future of access control. From the 1940s when “key cards” were the cutting-edge to today’s constant new innovations, Card Lock® Company is devoted to maintaining the edge we need to deliver the best modern solutions in secure access systems.

Woman using IP Door Access Control System

Mobile Access Control

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous tools for multi-factor authentication for online business platforms, but they’ve also become essential pieces of access control technology. Today, half of all businesses and organizations make use of mobile access controls to allow members or employees to use their smartphones or other mobile devices to access their buildings, “punch in” to time and attendance systems,, and more.

Mobile access control can easily be integrated into larger cloud systems, allows manager access to permissions, and eliminates many key card efficiencies.

Location Services

For organizations in industries where security is paramount, real-time location systems play an increasingly valuable role in providing visibility and security into not only who enters and exits your building, but when and where they go within the building.

New developments in location services are transforming personnel compliance, helping companies find more cost-effective ways to ensure compliance with strict security regulations and avoid fines.

Man using Keyless Card Lock System
Example of Access Control Integrated System

Integrated Systems

Mobile access control may be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean physical access control is going away. Integrated security and access control systems combine mobile device-based access control technologies and location services with the latest in tried-and-true physical access control to provide secure and robust access control systems that provide extremely flexible and customizable solutions to any organization’s specific needs.

At Card Lock® Company, we’re dedicated to using every tool in our toolbox to provide the right access control solutions to meet your needs, from tried-and-tested old standards to the latest access control technologies to hybrid solutions that fit your organization and your budget.

Ready to find the right access control solution for your organization?

We’ll help you get started with an initial assessment of your organization’s and members’ unique needs, choose the right access control technologies for your property and your budget, and provide ongoing installation and maintenance support to keep your Card Lock® solutions running smoothly for years to come.