Key Card Print Options

Want a higher level of customization? Design Your Own Key Card. Specify card color, ink color, and card design.

Card Lock Company offers a wide variety of key card colors and ink colors for the customization of your company or club key cards. You can also add your own design or add your logo. Your company or club card will be completely unique.

Customization makes it easy for a company employee or club member to spot the key card in their wallet or card case, for rapid use. It also makes a member or employee feel more part of the team to have a card that identifies them as part of your organization.

From the tables to the right, simply choose one of the available key card colors, and one of the ink colors.

Add Your Artwork

As an additional customization point for your key card, you can choose a special emblem from the choices to the right.

You can also add your own special design or organization logo to to your key card. To do so, send us your design or logo in the form of artwork, in ONE of the following methods:

1.Upload your artwork image along with your order.
When you place your order, you will be able to upload your artwork image at the same time. We will then be able to add it to your card.


2. Mail us a copy of your artwork.
When you place your order, specify that you are mailing us a copy of your image—your custom design or logo.

Mail your artwork to:

Card Lock® Company
Attn: Printing Room
P.O. Box 680550
Prattville, Al. 36068-0550

*Note that the quality of the image that you either upload or send to us will be reflected on your finished card.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Your Choice of Key Card Colors:

A chart showing the available key card print colors for Card Lock Company in Prattville Alabama

Ink Colors:

Key Cards can be printed with a variety of ink colors.

Keycard print options from Card Lock

Example keycard from Card Lock

Card Lock keycard for VFW