Cloud Access Control System

Card Lock Company offers customized access control systems with cloud-based software and mobile access control hardware to move all software or servers related to key card access off-site.

Instead of trying to find space for everything in your own physical place of business, customized card access control systems allow you to manage and oversee everything in exchange for a subscription-based “pay as you go” fee.

Your organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Remote: You’ll be able to secure your business or organization by connecting to a centralized and remotely monitored station.
  • Scalable: With mobile access, everything can be scaled as your business grows without the need for you to continue to add readers or servers to your locations.
  • Secure: Everything is managed for you off-site, removing security issues at your physical locations through the latest updated technology. You’ll know immediately when an unauthorized individual tries to access your site.
  • Easy to Update: Our customized access control systems make it easy to change locks and keys and to grant or deny access to employees.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Remove all up front computer and software costs to your company and your subscription-based fee can adapt with your needs, saving you money.

Types of cloud-based access control systems:

Keep your business or organization secure with the latest cloud-based access control systems.

IP-Enabled Access Control Equipment

One cloud-based access control system option connects to the IoT, or “Internet of Things”. This is an efficient and affordable way to expand access control efforts.

It works by connecting access control devices so that they share information between each other and uncover historical trends and patterns that help identify where to focus attention to ensure all areas are protected.


ACaaS is another cloud-based access control system option. ACaaS stands for “access control as a service.” It utilizes cloud-based software and mobile access control hardware that’s stored at a third-party location and overseen by your service provider in exchange for a subscription-based pay as you go fee.

This is an affordable option that saves space and makes it easy to scale your access control system as your business grows.

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