Mobile Remote Access Eliminates Key Card Inefficiencies

The smartphone is a truly revolutionary device. It has changed how people live their lives and connect with each other in ways that were never thought possible. Cell phone technology allows us to take our lives with us on the go, using them for everything from learning new musical skills to ordering dinner. Every aspect of our lives and businesses has adapted to mobile device technology. Access control with remote mobile access is no exception, as today’s advanced platforms use cell phones for greater efficiency and enhanced security.

At Card Lock, we commit to staying on the leading edge of the access control industry and bringing you everything it has to offer. Thanks to our partnership with HID Mobile, our innovative mobile control platform can be a game changer for your business security. 

Efficient Access Management and Security With Smartphones

Physical key card access is an inefficient entry method in traditional security systems. Trained personnel have the time-consuming responsibility of manually preparing, distributing, and tracking the physical cards. The cost of these redundant tasks adds up over time, costing a company thousands of dollars. Physical key cards are also easily lost or damaged, contributing to their reproduction costs. 

People can also share and misuse physical key cards. This increases the risks of security breaches if they are used for unauthorized entry into secured areas. 

However, with mobile access control, users can unlock secure areas with a tap on the screen of their smartphones. This method is not only more efficient and convenient but also eliminates the cost of producing physical cards. Security is enhanced since it’s delivered through a highly reliable cloud platform. Because smartphones are almost always with you, you’ll never be without access to your secured area. 

But what happens if your cell phone gets lost or stolen and your remote access app falls into the wrong hands? Thanks to an online portal, you can deactivate your access information, rendering the device useless to anyone. You can then reconfigure a new access code for your replacement smartphone. 

A cloud-based access control system can also operate at scale to fit your company’s growing needs. That means if you need to either add or modify secure areas, it can be done quickly and easily through a centralized control system. 

Remote Mobile Access Is Environmentally Friendly

Investing in mobile access control is a small but significant step your company can take to reduce its carbon footprint. The transition eliminates physical cards, reducing plastics consumption and the chemical waste that occurs in their production. 

Remote Mobile Access Across All Platforms

 When it comes to mobile access control, compatibility is key. You want to be able to use your access control regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone. We’ve partnered with HID Global to make mobile access control as effortless as possible with an operating system-agnostic platform. 

This solution ensures that mobile access control is seamless for either device type. Simply log into either type of cell phone, and you’ll have access to all the same features and functions.

The platform features a long read range, something that physical key cards are incapable of doing. This is especially helpful for access to secure garages since you no longer have to pull up right next to the reader to scan a card. Imagine unlocking your car door with your cell phone before you’re actually near it! Mobile access is also a great way to make any facility seem more secret agent-like, which can impress clients and employees, too.

If your company is ready to upgrade your traditional key card system to a remote mobile access solution, contact one of our product specialists today.

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