CL101 Non- Programmable Stand Alone

CL101 Cards and readers are the original Card Locks. They use common coded cards that provide a simple and low cost way of solving the age-old metal key problem. Only paid-up members are issued card keys. Perfect for clubs that have a common six-month or yearly anniversary date. No worries of down computers or complicated software training.

These card keys are a time-tested proven and cost effective approach to dues collection.

Low Cost Investment

The Card Lock system, with its convenience and improved security, costs very little. For one low price, you receive a complete Card Lock installation package, which includes an electric latch release, an exterior faceplate, related accessories and easy-to-follow instructions. The card keys, coded to operate your Card Lock, are not only durable and more convenient, but cost far less than metal keys.

Most access companies will only sell you cards. Card Lock Company is there for all your access needs — from the door strikes and mag locks to push buttons and door release PIRs.


  • Size – 3″ x 3″ x 3/4″
  • Output – Switch closure 5 amp resistive at 28 VDC or 125 VAC
  • Input – none required


  • Card lock installs easily
  • Adaptable to any style door…glass, wood, metal and even gates
  • Low cost, and replacement locks are free when exchanging last year’s card reader
  • Card readers are easy to change
  • Exclusive combination for your club
  • Ordering direct from the manufacturer saves you money on key mechanisms and key cards

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A person using a keyless card locks to access a locked door