Meet The Team

Card Lock Company Leadership Team

After WWII America’s GI’s came home and relocated all across the nation. As WWII combat veterans themselves, our founders recognized that Fraternal Organizations and private clubs of all varieties were springing up across the nation as vets and their families sought out local places to gather.

The club managers and administrative assistants needed a system that would allow them to collect their annual dues in addition to granting access to the club location. Necessity is the mother of invention; as a result, we patented the Card Lock® system and literally invented the term “card key”. Over the next 70 years, millions of members have used our system to solve their dues collections challenges. Customers of all generations have found our price, superb quality and unconditional guarantee to be unsurpassed. We are still proudly owned and operated by the same family that founded the company in the 40’s.

As important as our history is at Card Lock® Company, we understand that manufacturing, technology and customer needs for the card key change. In-house bench testing is a critical and routine part of our promise to you. Through our research and development programs we continue to investigate new manufacturing and product technologies that allow us to provide customers the best products that America can produce. From founding an industry and serving our first fraternal organization in 1948, to the computer access systems of today, Card Lock® Company has been trusted for 70 years. We invite you to contact us to find out more about our company.

Jimmy Thompson  |  President

Steve Stewart  |  Vice President