Dues Collection for the Club and Card Lock™ – Key Card Entry Systems

One of the biggest challenges for private clubs, gyms, health spas and similar types of organizations around the country is always entrance control. Businesses always want to make sure that they’re providing fast and easy access to their loyal, paying members at all times. However, they also want to make sure that they’re using some level of access control to help keep out people who may have fallen behind on their dues or who may not be members at all. Card Lock™ Company is an industry leader in card-based access control and uses state-of-the-art technology to accomplish all of these goals and more in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

The Card Lock™ Company Method

One of the major benefits of partnering with Card Lock™ Company for your access control needs has to do with the way in which these systems were designed to work in the first place. Card Lock™ key card systems allow for only current, paid members with current key cards to have access to facilities at all times. If a member is currently behind on their dues or monthly payments, they won’t have access to the services that you’re providing – end of story.

The key to this method rests in the fact that card readers can easily be changed on the first day of a new dues period. Once you know who has paid their dues and who hasn’t, you can make any necessary adjustments to update that information within your own database. Even though someone who has fallen behind on their dues will still have access to the physical key card you’ve given them, the card itself won’t actually work until they’ve made their account current for the new period.

The benefit of this from the customer perspective is one of convenience. If your members are continuing to pay their monthly dues on time and in full, they don’t have a thing to worry about – access will be granted in the same easy, straightforward method that it always has. For someone who has fallen behind, getting denied access can serve as a helpful reminder that his or her account needs to be made current. It will also provide them with an immediate incentive to do so, as they won’t have access to the building until this action is taken.

Yearly Dues

Card Lock™ Company’s intricate systems aren’t just great for helping your members stay up-to-date on a monthly basis – they can also be ideal for improving yearly dues collection, as well. Returning members to your organization can be issued a new, low-cost card for each new dues period. Because only paid members are issued card keys, you don’t have to worry about accidentally giving access to someone who doesn’t deserve to be there.

Since only the new, low-cost card keys will operate the lock on your physical location, you suddenly have an extra layer of guarantee that dues are paid promptly. As the facility operator, you get to avoid awkward conversations or even full-fledged arguments over whether or not dues have been paid. Suddenly something that was a delicate problem in the past is solved quickly, easily and without confrontation by the technology that Card Lock™ Company brings to the table.

At Card Lock™ Company, we understand that entrance control is and will always be one of your highest priorities. Doing so not only helps you provide a better service to your loyal customers, but it also helps you maintain the reputation as a private club or organization that you were after in the first place. Card Lock™™  has been pleased to offer these types of sophisticated solutions and more to Veterans social clubs, gyms, private membership organizations and more for the past 60 years.

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