Veteran’s Social Clubs Have a Long History

When Veterans returned home from conflicts like the Second World War and others, something incredible happened. The sense of community and brotherhood that they developed over the course of their long, hard journey is not something that they were about to let end just because they were now back on American soil. Even though it was common for Veterans to spread out all over the country, they still wanted a place where they could go to talk about their experiences, socialize with other people who came from similar situations and more. With that, the concept of the Veteran’s social club was born.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is an organization that was originally formed in Columbus, Ohio in the later months of 1899. Its original founding members were all members of the Seventeenth US Infantry, who at the time had all fought in the Spanish-American War.

The purpose of the VFW is incredibly noble. It is an organization designed to help speed up the rehabilitation of disabled and needy veterans, assist the widows of veterans and other dependents and promote patriotism via both education and constructive community service. According to the organization’s official website, it has over 1.2 million members worldwide as of 2015.

In order to become a member of the VFW, you have to be either an active or honorably discharged enlisted individual who proudly served the United States in a foreign war, expedition or insurrection. That service also has to have been recognized by an appropriate medal, like the Navy and Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon, the Air Force Combat Action Medal, the Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon, the Navy Expeditionary Medal and more.

The slogan of the VFW is “No One Does More for Veterans,” which the organization goes a long way towards proving with its tireless work in local communities throughout the country each and every day.

The American Legion

The American Legion is another famous Veteran’s social club that was originally founded in 1919 by Veterans of the AEF, or American Expeditionary Forces. Founded by Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., it claims over 2.4 million members nationwide as of 2014 and has locations in not only every state in the US but also in many foreign countries, as well.

One of the primary goals of the American Legion has and always will be defending Veterans whenever their help is needed, regardless of the specific type of oppression that they were facing at any given time. In 1933, for example, then President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to cut Veteran benefits in a dramatic fashion. The American Legion spoke out loudly against these actions and has continued to do so with each passing year ever since.

Card Lock™ Company

At the same time that these Veteran’s social clubs were growing and becoming a more important part of their communities with each passing year, Card Lock™ was growing right along with them. Card Lock™ Company started with a simple goal – it was a sophisticated solution that these clubs could use to both track and allow members to access their clubs over the past 60 years. In practice, however, the company grew to be so much more: it is now the backbone of these ever-important organizations and it helps make it easier for them to function and operate in a wide range of different ways.

Card Lock™ was more than just a keycard used to access a building. It was a way for Veteran’s social clubs, local meeting places, fraternal organizations and more to collect annual dues, guarantee security and make sure that the only people who had access to these venues were the ones that deserved to be there the most.

At Card Lock™ Company, we believe that by providing Veteran’s social clubs with a high-quality solution for all of these needs, it allows us to do our part to better serve the people who have worked so hard to serve us in the decades since the end of the Second World War. We’re providing these organizations with a whole lot more than just a card key or even a specific type of technology – we’re providing them with something that they can depend on, just as we depended on them to protect our country.

At Card Lock, our commitment to honoring and supporting those who served and sacrificed for our country runs deep. Founded in the 1940s by veterans to provide security solutions for veteran-focused fraternal organizations and clubs, making a positive impact in veterans’ lives has been in Card Lock’s DNA for over 70 years. Today, many eligible veterans never apply for the benefits and compensation they are entitled to—which is why we encourage all veterans to visit Veterans Guide, a comprehensive online resource to help you obtain all of the benefits you are owed for your service.

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