Transforming Personnel Compliance: The Ultimate Management Solution

In the current business climate, companies are prioritizing Personnel Compliance Management to protect employees and workspaces. Secure access control is essential, and the cost of monitoring certifications and testing deadlines can be substantial due to fines and penalties. In particular, the paper and packaging sector faces heightened pressure to track safety, certification, and training compliance, especially with their significant use of contract labor.

Recently, a leading packaging company approached Card Lock Company to enhance their Personnel Compliance Management and ensure that only those with the proper training can access their facilities. Card Lock Company offered them a revolutionary access control solution – based on Maxxess Systems’ advanced security management software tailored to the customer’s unique needs and specific requirements.

Personnel Compliance Management for Contractors

Below are a few examples of the capabilities the secure access software performed in action:

  • If a contractor’s work agreement lapses, the software automatically deactivates the credentials for those contractors.
  • If a contractor’s insurance certificate expires, the credentials authorizing access to those contractors are automatically deactivated.
  • If contractors fall below a C grade, imported from ISN, it will result in employee access being denied.
  • If an employee misses a scheduled drug test or safety test, their credentials are automatically deactivated.
  • The system not only disables the credential holder but also directs the credential holder to contact the Personnel Department to correct the problem.

The implementation of the software transformed the company’s security management, revolutionizing how they control and monitor access to their facilities. The software’s tracking of certification and training expiration dates prevented potential fines and penalties by keeping the company in compliance. The software seamlessly balanced employee safety and physical location security, delivering significant cost savings and elevated security levels for the company.

Across industries, from paper and packaging to more, our unique combination of solutions offers the ultimate in security, cost savings, and process simplification. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your facilities are safe, secure, and compliant. Ready to find out how your business can benefit? — Get in touch with us today!

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