The Major Trends in Key Card Access to Be Aware of in 2018 and Beyond  

One of the best ways to make sure that your important environments stay protected is to make sure that you’re up-to-date on all of the latest trends that are making waves across the key card access industry. There are a number of new advancements that already have people talking that you’re absolutely going to want to be aware of for 2018 and beyond.

IP-Enabled Access Control Equipment

One of the most interesting trends in key card access to watch out for in 2018 and beyond is also the most advanced – the proliferation of equipment that is connected to the IoT, or “Internet of Things.” The IoT is a concept that refers to most devices not only being connected to the Internet, but also creating and sharing information between one another to make the lives of all involved easier and more efficient than ever before.

In terms of key card access, this can actually help make it easier for an organization to expand their access control efforts in a much more affordable way. Data that is created by IoT-enabled devices can be used to uncover historical trends and patterns that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, letting you know where you need to focus your attention and which areas are adequately protected. IoT equipment can also make it easier for your in-house security teams to do their job more effectively, as they now have complete visibility into an environment from any device on planet Earth with an active Internet connection.


Another trend that is poised to affect the key card access industry in a big way is the advancement of ACaaS, or “access control as a service.” This refers to the idea of using cloud-based software and mobile access control hardware to move all software or servers related to key card access off-site. Instead of trying to find space for everything in your own physical place of business, it would be managed at a third-party location and overseen by your service provider in exchange for a subscription-based “pay as you go” fee.

The benefit of this would be cost-savings across the board. Not only would you not have to invest as much in equipment up-front, but all maintenance and upgrades would be handled by your provider. Scaling would also be much easier as it would be handled as part of the aforementioned subscription.

Card Lock® Company offers both IP-Enabled Access Control Equipment and ACaaS. These are just a few of the interesting trends on the horizon that may just take the key card access world by storm in 2018 and beyond. It’s safe to say that when you consider how far the industry has come in just the last few years, it’s exciting to think about what the next few may have in store for us all.

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