Explore the Benefits of a Cloud Based Access Control System

Cloud based access control computing and technology network connection concept. Businessman hand holding cloud server protect data deviceMore and more, access control systems are moving to the cloud. Digital access control systems benefit significantly from cloud-based solutions. However, many clubs are not fully utilizing the potential of these systems. They are using them in much the same way as they used legacy systems and while they benefit from the higher security and lower costs they may not be gaining all of the benefits they could.

So, how can your club really use these cloud-based access control systems to improve security and make life better for your members? Here are some suggestions.

Provide a Mobile Option

Many cloud based systems can be used to provide mobile access control. By using mobile access control you can make the system more sustainable, by using less plastic, and can also make it more convenient. Many people will forget their access cards, but few people will forget their phone. Members and visitors will find this more convenient and easier to use, and many mobile access scanners have a higher range making them more usable for vehicle access control.

Rapidly Configure Access for Individuals

One key advantage of cloud-based access control systems is that they allow for much faster configuration of new users, adjustment of existing permissions, and revocation of permissions when November leaves or does not pay their dues.

These systems, though, allow you to take this a little further. For example, during an event, you might provide access to a VIP service to all members who are present. As you can rapidly reconfigure, you can easily use the system to, for example, allow a member a certain limited number of accesses to a specific amenity. This can make your access control much more flexible and convenient for members and staff. You can also give quick, limited access to caterers and other contractors.

Customize to Match Your Specific Goals

Cloud-based systems allow for a much higher level of customization. You can, for instance, have the system send particular alerts for suspicious activity. You can grant specific individuals access to specific rooms. You can also integrate the system with your membership database, which can allow you to revoke access immediately to a member who has not paid their dues or is no longer in good standing.

The same systems can also be used to customize and streamline onboarding and termination of staff. You can set up systems that support seasonal and cyclical employment, access for contractors, and whatever you might need in a customized way that works exactly how you need it to with no missing features or unneeded frills.

Gain Insights into Usage

Do you know when the peak usage time is for your pool? Cloud-based systems come with better data analysis which can help you establish traffic patterns and work out which amenities are underused and which might warrant expansion. Such insights can also help you better plan staffing levels for bars, coffee shops, and other such facilities.

These insights allow you to reduce crowding, shorten lines, and provide better service for your members. They can also be used to explain and justify service and amenity changes. The high security of cloud-based systems allows you to collect and aggregate this data without impacting the privacy of your members.

Improve Management of Multiple Facilities and Reciprocity

If you have multiple sites, legacy systems often force you to give out multiple key cards. If you have members that move between sites regularly, this can become massively inconvenient. With a cloud-based access control solution, you can connect your sites so that the same card or mobile app will give access to the same facilities at the same level. Members can thus seamlessly access facilities at other locations, whether locally or while traveling. Also, when you add a site, it is much easier to scale up the system and seamlessly, easily add the new location to access control and to also to member information.

With proper coordination, cloud-based systems can also be used to offer reciprocity with other organizations. Systems can be set up to talk to each other so that members can seamlessly, without needing extra stop help from staff, get reciprocal benefits that have already been agreed, or can attend events without issue.

Properly using cloud-based access control systems gives you more than just improved security and faster signup. It gives you the possibility of much greater ability to analyze usage and data, improved management of multiple facilities and reciprocity, rapid configuration, mobile access, and high levels of customization. You can get a turnkey solution that will give you exactly what your club needs.

Card Lock can help you with cloud-based access solutions designed for private clubs and your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a card-based system, a mobile system or both, talk to us about how we can provide your club with high security and unparalleled member convenience.

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