Mobile Access Control

Card Lock Company offers you mobile access control for your business, along with our partners. Thanks to an operating system-agnostic platform, access control is seamless no matter which side you’re on in the great Android/IOS face-off.

Mobile access readers offer a much longer read range than key cards, making garage and vehicle access less of a hassle as well. Not only is mobile door access better for the environment involving far less plastic and chemicals, it also allows your management to function more efficiently. Access can be updated with a touch of a button to grant or revoke access.

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Your options include either:

NFC (Near Field Communication) This technology makes for a very smooth connection between smartphone and reader, but only extends across a very short range. On top of that, it’s proprietary to Apple Pay for IOS devices. We mention it because it’s still an important infrastructure to keep in mind as the industry looks toward future possibilities.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) the more readily-applicable infrastructure of the two. The benefits here are twofold. First, BLE supports long ranges of communication. This gives you more leeway in reader placement and can be a godsend in vehicle-based access control situations. Second, BLE pairs with smartphones automatically, removing the need for employees or guests to go into their phones and connect the two devices every time they want to walk in the door.

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