Personnel Compliance – A Unique Solution

Today’s requirements for Personnel Compliance Management, including tracking the expiration of certifications and testing, can cost companies millions of dollars each year in fines and penalties.  Companies find it increasingly difficult to manage and track the dates related to compliance and to control who has access to their facilities.

This is especially true in today’s paper and packaging industries that rely heavily on contract labor in addition to their regular employees. The use of contractors can range from a single individual carrying out emergency repair work to major one-off capital projects involving large numbers of contractors and subcontractors over many weeks. These contract employees must be monitored for numerous safety, certification, and training requirements.

Recently, a leading packaging company contacted Card Lock Company about a need to track multiple expiration dates as part of their personnel compliance management.  They were looking for a better way to control access to their facilities and make sure that the people gaining access had the proper training.

Card Lock’s solution was a combination of electronic turnstiles and gates, IP based smart card readers, and a unique card access software solution that manages and tracks multiple expiration dates to automatically disable personnel access to the wood yard, buildings and other sensitive areas. The results were improved security with cost savings from avoiding fines and penalties while ensuring proper employee access to all facilities.

Our unique and advanced software solution can be implemented for anyone looking to improve their Personnel Compliance Management, and allows various compliance criteria and expiration dates to be set for contractor employees, contractor companies and regular employees:

  • If the contract with one of their contractors’ lapses, the credentials for the employees that work for that contractor are automatically inactivated.
  • If a contractor’s insurance certificate expires and is not renewed, the credentials for the employees that work for that contractor are automatically inactivated.
  • If any employee misses or fails their scheduled drug test, the employee’s credential will be automatically inactivated.
  • If any employee misses a safety test, the employee’s credential will be automatically inactivated
  • When the earliest of all expirations occurs, the system disables the credential holder from access to their buildings.

Not just for the paper and packaging industry, Card Lock’s software can be used to improve Personnel Compliance Management across the board. Our unique combinations of solutions can be tailored to meet your individual needs and save you time, money and peace of mind knowing your facilities are secure. For more information on our secure access solutions please contact us today!