Made in the USA is the Real Thing at Card Lock™ Company

When you see the term “Made in the USA” on a Card Lock™ Company product, we want you to have the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what that term means. It doesn’t mean that we designed a product here and shipped it overseas for mass production. It doesn’t mean that the architecture has its roots in foreign solutions. At Card Lock™ Company, we long ago realized a simple yet important fact: if our products are intended to serve people in the United States, it would be hypocritical of us to make them anywhere else.

Products Made in the USA

If our solutions are designed to protect businesses all across the United States, we believe that it’s important for those same solutions to actually be produced here at the same time. Every product that we release takes firm roots in the US at all parts of the process. Our research and development programs are located here. We utilize locally owned and operated manufacturing facilities. Every single card lock system or other security solution that we offer is the result of the best and brightest that American has to offer.

A Company Born in the USA

Card Lock™ Company isn’t just an organization that sells products that were made in the United States of America – the company itself has a rich and storied history in the land that it works so hard to protect on a daily basis.

When American GI’s returned home from World War II, it was common for them to relocate all across the nation in an attempt to put the horrors of war behind them and to start a better life for themselves and their family members. Card Lock™ Company’s founders were in that exact situation. In their travels, they realized that the types of private clubs, local meeting places and fraternal organizations for service members that were popping up all over the country with increasing regularity needed a system that would not only allow them to collect annual dues, but also to make sure that access to a club location was only limited to those who actually deserved to be there.

As a result, those founders created and patented the first card lock system to help provide a dependable solution to these types of organizations. At the same time, those founders didn’t just perfect the card key – they invented the term and built the industry on which that ideal now stands from the ground up. In the 67 years that have gone by since the end of World War II, card keys and similar systems have not only continued to service these fraternal organizations and similar organizations but businesses of all types across the country.

We find that customers are drawn to Card Lock™ Company and the solutions that we provide for a few different reasons. For starters, all generations are drawn to the superb quality of the product that we provide and the reasonable prices that we stand by. Our unconditional guarantee is also unsurpassed in an industry where imitators are cropping up on an increasingly regular basis.

More than any of that, though, Card Lock™ Company is still owned and operated by the same family that founded it all the way back in the 1940s. Our customers are drawn to Card Lock™ Company in large part because, like the products that we offer, we are truly “Made in the USA”.

Every technology that we patent, every device that we test, every guarantee that we make and every decision that we’re involved in on a daily basis are all born out of the same ideal: to continue to serve and protect the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.

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