Prevent These Security Risks with an Access Control System

Person touching a lock symbol demonstrating access control securityThese days, people are meeting face-to-face more and returning to facilities. That makes this a great time to review your physical security risks and make sure that you have your access control system up to date to keep your facility and members protected.

So, what are the top risks for 2021?


Clubs still need to worry about the health and safety of their members. This means enforcing capacity limits, mask use, and possibly requiring proof of vaccination in order to use the facilities. This is particularly an issue for gyms and fitness centers, which have been an issue for spread.

Make sure that your card security system is set to monitor and limit capacity. A good system will also allow you to track times when your facilities are particularly crowded, which can then be provided to members to inform their decisions.


Thievery is a crime so old it might predate humanity. Your assets and the personal property of your members are always at risk from theft. Access control, including proper control over parking facilities, reduces the risk of theft by outside individuals.

Exterior gates are particularly important for protecting vehicles from both theft and vandalism. Using a card access system means the gates are less likely to be inadvertently left open when gate staff “run to get something.”

Back Doors

The biggest mistake most people make when securing a facility is to put all of their attention on the front door or main entrance. The front door gets equipped with surveillance cameras, guards, locks, etc. Meanwhile, nobody is watching the loading dock…

It’s vital to equip all entrances into the building with appropriate access control. Some doors may be appropriate for member access, whilst others might be restricted to employees. Pay particular attention to any doors your employees use for smoke breaks and make sure they resist the temptation to prop the door open.

Rising Gun Violence

It’s sad but true, that gun violence is on the increase in the United States. While it’s unlikely that your club will be targeted, it is not impossible. In many cases, facilities are targeted by disgruntled members or employees. Make sure that former members lose their access to the facility promptly, and the same with employees who are terminated.

Make sure that everyone knows the individual concerned is no longer welcome. One advantage of card access control systems is they can automatically terminate access when dues are not paid or when membership is rescinded.

Unification of Physical Security and Cybersecurity

What would happen if somebody hacked your member list? It’s likely valuable to cyber thieves, whether it’s for sale to shady advertisers, or for even more nefarious purposes such as phishing or identity theft.

Modern physical security systems often link straight to your member database. Your physical security is vital, but you also need to make sure nobody can get in and reprogram a card. Make sure that you apply the best cybersecurity principles so that people can’t literally hack into your access control and add themselves to the member list on the sly.

Social Engineering

On the same note, make sure that thieves can’t walk into your club just by looking like they belong there. We already talked about unwanted former members, but people have been known to walk into highly secure places just by wearing a suit and following somebody else inside.

Discourage following, and make sure cards are checked for all people who enter the building. If you are allowing plus-ones for an event, they have to enter with the member.

Make sure that your staff is trained to keep an eye open for anyone who might be trying to impersonate either a member of the club or a member of staff.

Keeping your facility secure and your membership safe is part of your responsibility. Contact Card Lock to find out how our advanced access control systems can help you keep out unwanted people, protect your entire building, and enforce capacity limits.

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