5 Ways to Improve Commercial Garage Security

Manager monitoring tech-enabled commercial garage securityCommercial garage security is designed to secure motorized equipment while it is parked, stored, or repaired. No matter what its use, commercial garages should limit access to authorized personnel to mitigate the risk to people and property. Some insurance providers may lower premiums for well-secured facilities.

At Card Lock, we offer the following five solutions for commercial garage security.

1. Smart Card Access Control

Smart card technology authenticates a person’s access permissions using encrypted data stored on a chip and validated remotely. The system operates much like chip cards issued by financial institutions, providing a high level of data security. Only authorized users, with the proper access in the system, can unlock secured garage doors and other access points.

The technology uses software solutions that provide flexibility in the access device and the data collected and stored. Companies can assign different levels of access authority to different roles within the organization, allowing organization leaders to determine who needs what level of access. The solution delivers the added security for government and proprietary installations that need to retain and manage additional information. 

Smart cards with chips, unlike barcodes, can even be scanned at a distance for hands-free access. This increases convenience and reduces the risk that cards will be lost or misplaced.

2. Card Readers

Companies with a card-based access control system can provide secure garage access to those individuals with a properly encoded card. Facility managers can place card readers behind a faceplate that scans the card as part of a commercial garage security system. 

Replicating an encoded card is difficult, making the system more secure than a key-controlled installation.

3. Electric Strike

Electric strike access systems combine mechanical locks with electronics to ensure a facility is always locked from the outside. Anyone entering the garage must have an electronic device to activate the locking mechanism. Once the door closes, it locks automatically, preventing unauthorized access.

This method of security is an excellent choice for places with lots of traffic, as automatic locking mitigates the risk someone can wander in.

4. Mobile Access

For many people, smartphones are a constant companion. Turning them into an access control tool eliminates the need for a separate card or fob. Instead, authorized individuals like employees can download a mobile application to a smartphone. They can then use that device to control access to a parking garage or vehicle storage facility.

The technology is especially useful in situations that require remote access. It can also provide access to commercial garages located on a large corporate campus. Security teams or remote employees can survey the area, provide access as needed, and ensure doors are remotely locked. Another advantage of mobile access systems is loss prevention. People are much less likely to misplace their phones than an access card. A phone’s inbuilt security measures can also prevent illicit users from accessing the app once a remote team has disabled it.

5. Proximity Card Readers

Proximity or RFID card readers use radio waves to read data stored on an RFID-enabled access device such as a card or fob. Users place the card or tag near the reader for credential validation. Once verified, the person is given access to the garage facility. This technology delivers security in environments where individuals need access to widespread facilities. 

Although proximity card readers provide a low-cost solution for access control, their technology is not as secure as that of a smart card access control system. It lacks the encryption capabilities of smart card technology. However, RFID-based proximity card readers reduce energy costs; the system doesn’t require power until users activate the reader.

At Card Lock, we specialize in modern security solutions that are built for today’s commercial and industrial spaces. To learn more about commercial garage security systems, contact us

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