Go From Keys to Cards With Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control systems offer advantages over mechanical lock systems: cost savings, heightened security, and increased convenience

There are several advantages of using electronic access control systems over mechanical lock systems. For instance, the former is characteristic of heightened security features, cost saving and increased convenience. What actually makes the electronic access control systems stand out even more is the fact that it completely reduces the need for using keys. This is a very good thing especially taking into consideration the fact that locksmiths can sometimes charge up to $ 250 to re-key double doors.

Although the traditional mechanical hardware for locking is known to provide a high level of security, truth is, it is not cost effective or efficient. In fact, for rental premises, each time a tenant vacates the house, the locks have to be re-keyed and the new set of keys redistributed. This is one of the demerits of this system of locking since locksmith charges are usually very high.

Woman using Electronic Access Control instead of metal keys
A locksmith can charge up to $250 to rekey a double door (like the one pictured above) and provide 50 replacement keys. One of the biggest benefits to electronic access control is that it mitigates the need for keys.
Mitigating the need for using keys is by far one of the biggest advantages of electronic access control. Presently, common lock systems comprise mainly of a computer, an access control system program/software and a database program aimed at helping manage badges as well as authorizations.

What usually happens is the computer links the data gathering panels that are located within the telephone rooms or sometimes at the door via a hard wired connection or routed through an Ethernet network. From this each controlled access door is set with a card reader, door position switch, request to exit device and most importantly an electric door lock. All of these devices are wired directly to the data gathering panel.

On average, the cost of installing a card reader on a single door is $3,000 to around $5,000. This includes the electric hook, the card reader as well as other associated devices including the percentage of the access control panel, computer hardware and the system software. Another good thing about the electronic access control system is the fact that doors can easily be set to unlock automatically. This is an added advantage to users especially in office / business premises since it negates the need to have someone unlocking the doors at the start of the day, during and at the close of each business day.

Advantages of Electronic Access Control


Convenience in the sense that access is through a card instead of a set of fumbling keys
  • Guaranteed high level of security through tracking and controlling of those with access
Provision of a log of all valid access attempts via the controlled access doors
Rules out the need for re-keying as well as the inconvenience in distributing new keys
  • Allows for buildings to be unlocked and locked in a timely program
Supports photo ID badges which double up as the access credential
  • Supports the printing of visitor badges and logging function
Provides security automation alarm system as well as automatic notification via email amongst other tools

Apart from the above, there are a few buildings that prefer using their access control systems for visitor logging. For instance, a building with a reception desk has an access control system that can be used by visitors simply by scanning their licenses or official business cards after which they get to print out disposable badges. The good thing with such a set up is the fact that it completely rules out the paper sign in system, while at the same time helping maintain a simple search log of visitors. In fact, it is even very effective in alerting the receptionist of any visitor who is not approved to enter the building.

Electronic access control systems are most preferred for use in monitoring building doors as well as other types of alarm inputs such as high/low temperatures, water level alarms or power failures etc. The card reader controlled doors are usually installed together with a door positioning switch which helps send a signal out in case the door is unsecure. This is not only important for security purposes but also for environmental reasons. Come to think of it, almost any type of alarm can be monitored by the access control system. These systems tend to allow audible/visual signaling devices to be linked consequently annunciating an alarm condition. Remember, some systems are even designed to send the security officers in charge of your area an email at the very instant which the building alarms have gone off.

All things considered, it’s clear that security access control systems provide more advantages over the traditional key- based access control and therefore the best choice for any security upgrade project. Contact Card Lock™ Company to learn how your company can go from keys to cards.

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