Choosing A Key Card Entry System

More recent advances in access control technology mean the days of having to issue a costly metal key to people are over. This translates to more security, easier access tracking, and less wondering about how many copies of a key have been made, or calling the locksmith out to re-key a lock.

Key card entry systems allow a card to be issued that is electronically coded. These systems can be used in the same manner as a traditional lock and key, with the motion of turning a key being replaced by swiping or inserting a card key to gain access. These cards, normally credit card sized, are easy to carry and make it more convenient to gain entry into a particular location and to manage keys that are lost or otherwise compromised.

A key card can work like a hotel room key where it is placed into the reader and then the door will open. It can also work by pressing the card onto a sensor at the front. There are various key card entry systems, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Much of it has to do with where you are trying to let people in.

Card keys are one of the most affordable and manageable way of maintaining security. The key cards can be issued on a regular basis so that you can control and edit access at your convenience. For example, if you are controlling access to a club, you can issue cards when people join. When the annual dues roll around for everyone, new cards can be issued based upon who has paid dues. The old cards will then be de-activated. This means that even if someone holds onto an old card, it won’t allow them entry.

You will want to look at the different types of mounts that are available. If the reader is outdoors, you have to consider this as you want to make sure that the housing is sturdy enough to sustain through weather and continual use. You also have to look at manual versus electric access. Some units will allow a door to be opened automatically while others will require you to still turn a knob.

Card printing should also be considered when you explore key card entry systems. You may want a specific color on the key card and have your own design printed on it. This will allow people to keep track of their cards if they have multiple key cards in their possession, and will also build club loyalty while giving your members something they can hold as tangible, visible proof of their membership.

Since there are various types of electronic locks including strikes and magnetic ones, you have to consider how you want to control access and whether you want things to be automated for people entering or not.

As you explore the various options at your disposal for electronic access control, the advantages should quickly become apparent. Whichever options you choose, there’s one advantage you can count on: affordable, effective access control technology from Card Lock™ Company.

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