Veterans Day and Door Card Readers: There’s a Connection!

Veterans Day has a special meaning for us at Card Lock Company. In fact, it is because of war veterans that our company created the door card readers that many use today.

It’s good to remember that Veterans Day honors all of those who have served in the military–alive or deceased. The roots of the holiday come from the original Armistice Day that honored those who had served in World War I. Years later, the name changed to Veterans Day. We continue to honor in November those who have served our country in all wars that America has fought.

Veterans Groups in the United States

Veterans’ organizations have been around since the Revolutionary War days. Then, they were created to help the soldiers who had been wounded or disabled. And these organizations have been part of the fabric of our communities since then. From county fairs to pancake breakfasts, the veterans’ organizations are truly a part of American life. In addition, veterans organizations are responsible for multiple efforts to give back to their communities, from organizing blood drives to mentoring youth to leading political thought and discussion.

Card Lock Company started after World War II, when our founders returned from the war as combat veterans. They saw the growth of clubs and organizations that needed a physical place to gather with their families, and they created the Card Lock® system. Those far-sighted founders literally invented the term “card key” for the door card readers that are now so common.

Door Card Readers Revolutionized Access Control

It was more than 70 years ago when our company founders began to help the veteran’s organizations create a way to allow access to the club location. They knew that club managers needed to collect dues in a timely fashion. Today, millions of people are using the door card readers from Card Lock Company, which is still owned by the same family.  Our Card Lock® system is used by facilities and organizations across the country, including the American Legion, to allow members access to their organizations that mean so much to them.

But we are not satisfied to rest on our laurels. We know that technology–and customer needs–are constantly changing and evolving. Our company continues to research and improve the technology of access control, offering the best American product available.

We thank American veterans for their service and their sacrifices that have kept our country great. If you have a story that you would like to share, connect with us!

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