Contactless Card Access Control Systems and COVID-19

Manufacturers of keyless entry systems can do their part to help prevent
the spread of viruses and other diseases

Hospitals all over the world face daily challenges when treating patients with infectious diseases. One of the many ways patients acquire healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is through contaminated surfaces where both bacterial and viral agents like staph and coronavirus-2 can live and spread through human contact. 

Access Control Systems - CardLockOver the last several years healthcare workers have implemented contactless card access control systems in an effort to improve security and lower infection rates. But it’s not just the healthcare industry utilizing this new technology. The banking, education and media industries are all using contactless card access control systems. 

Contactless Smart Card Technology

Contact smart card access control systems with magnetic stripes are read-only and must be physically inserted into the reader so the microprocessing chip can be read. It also requires more maintenance if the strip is damaged or worn off. Contactless smart cards contain an RFID (radio frequency identification) that can be accessed within range of the electromagnetic field so users can unlock a door without touching it. This technology also works well for employee identification, or with other access control systems when multi-identification access is needed for security. 

Card Lock Company has been providing access control card systems across the country for over 70 years. We provide smart card access control system technology that delivers the most secure type of key card with a higher level of encryption than a standard proximity or RFID card.

Smart Card Benefits

  • Security. Smart cards are encrypted for data and privacy protection. The microprocessing chip inside the key card authenticates an individual’s information and transfers, stores and updates information as needed. 
  • Flexibility. Access control systems using smart card technology can be either cloud or PC-software based, and provide flexible solutions for smart card keys and mobile devices, which allows for remote log-in. 
  • Customizable. Smart card technology can be customized as fobs, tags, printable cards or mobile phone credentials. 

At Card Lock Company, we provide solutions to your access control needs. We design and customize our solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Are you interested in upgrading to the most secure smart card access control technology? Contact us to get started today!

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