Why to Choose Cloud Based Access Control Over On-site Legacy Systems

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You already know that you need a proper, modern access control system for your private club. Nothing beats being able to give members access to only what they deserve, instantly lock out people who haven’t paid their dues, and provide a secure atmosphere for all of your members.

Many older systems rely on on-site networks, while new access control systems are cloud-based. If you have one of these older systems, should you upgrade? 

What Is Cloud Based Access Control?

Cloud-based access control is more than just moving your software to a data center. Instead, it is cloud native, which means that your system is connected to a centralized platform, with each individual access point being connected directly to the internet and thus to the cloud. All of the required data such as membership details and access levels is stored on the platform.

This is secure when properly configured and set up, despite common fears to the contrary. It does require some extra cybersecurity steps, but these are taken care of by the provider.

With on-site legacy systems, you are reliant on your own hardware, your own power and, to a strong extent, on the same physical security the system is managing.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control vs. On-Site Legacy

So, what are the benefits of cloud-based access control? Moving to a cloud-based system provides a number of advantages:

1. Ease of installing updates. 

Routine software updates can be installed in a centralized, one-to-many manner. There is no need for a technician to go through and update all of the card readers and workstations. This helps ensure that updates, including security patches are installed as needed.

2. Regular backups. 

With on-site systems, if you have a physical problem, then you can end up losing the data needed for the card readers to operate. With a cloud system, all of that data is backed up in multiple places. It does have the downside that internet issues can potentially cause the system to fail either open or closed, but in general the reliability is higher.

3. Better analysis and reports. 

Because all of the access data is collected and maintained, you can get more detailed reports and data analysis. This means that you can use this data to analyze access patterns. For example, if you need to close facilities for a period of time, you can use this data to work out when this will cause the least disruption for your members. You can also use it to work out the value of added services.

4. Scalability. 

You can easily add new access points, whether it’s doors or equipment, or remove them. You can add new tiers without needing to do a lot of hardware work.

5. Ease of dealing with multiple locations. 

If you have more than one physical facility or if you have a large campus, then cloud-based solutions allow all of your locations to be connected to the same system. This can also come in handy if you have reciprocity with another club; both clubs can use the same cloud-based system. Also, if you have software on a legacy system, the vendor may charge you per site rather than for a global license, which can be expensive.

6. Cost reduction. 

You don’t have to spend money on buying and maintaining local equipment, and you don’t have to have an IT person constantly monitoring it. Typically, that’s covered in your subscription.

7. Easy remote access. 

Staff members can access the system from anywhere, typically using a smartphone or tablet, instead of having to be on premises and in a specific “security room.” Security officers can access everything while patrolling rather than having to wait until they get back to the office.

Moving to the cloud is likely to save you money and also has other benefits, including improved security, regular backups, connectivity between your sites and scalability. If you are looking into a card-based access control system, contact Card Lock to get started. We offer cloud-based access control solutions perfect for your club or facility.

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