We Remember on Patriot Day

Patriot Day - We Will Never Forget Text Over Blue Bokeh Lights Texture Background and American Flags, 9/11 Remembrance Graphic Design, September 11 Memorial Holiday BannerOn September 11, 2001, tragedy rocked our world. The day the Twin Towers fell was a difficult one for America. On September 11th each year, now dubbed Patriot Day, we remember the lives we lost in a nation-wide day of mourning. Two-thousand, nine-hundred, seventy-seven souls departed this world prematurely after an act of terrorism against the United States. This September 11, 2022, marks 21 years since so many lives were shattered by this senseless act. 

Card Lock Remembers Those Lives Lost on Patriot Day and All Days

We at Card Lock Company do not simply remember the lives lost on Patriot Day, but on all days. Our brothers and sisters are never forgotten. On Patriot Day, we follow suit with the White House and other government buildings and fly our flag at half-mast to honor those who lost their lives on this tragic occurrence. All Americans are encouraged to do the same. We also observe a moment of silence along with the rest of America, beginning at 8:46 am Eastern time. This time marks the first plane hitting the World Trade Center, and will continue to be observed each year by Card Lock. 

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