Security Access for Marinas

Docks of a secured marina to demonstrate security access for marinas

On a nice day, it’s not uncommon to find people flocking to the local marina, whether it’s for a nice walk along the shore or to take the boat out of the slip for some fun on the water. It’s one of the nice things about marinas – they allow people who don’t own waterfront property access to the water by reserving a slip for their boat.

However, if marinas aren’t properly safeguarded, the outdoor nature of these venues and the fact that they’re housing hundreds of thousands of dollars – perhaps even several million – in watercraft makes them ripe for theft. It’s why it’s important to ensure that marinas are properly secured with the right solutions. At Card Lock Company, we can help.

Theft in Marinas and Boatyards

Above shot of a secured marina to demonstrate security access for marinasWhen it comes to marinas, it’s not just boats and watercraft that are being stolen, but various components or special features that boats and watercraft are equipped with. For example, it’s not uncommon for thieves to scout a boat and attempt to confiscate certain high-priced electronics, like display systems, GPS units, fish finders or even small outboard motors.

In other cases, entire boats are stolen. This is more common in marinas near international waters, where watercraft can more easily be taken to other countries and likely never recovered by the authorities and returned to the rightful owner.

There’s often one commonality among the marinas that have experienced theft: A lack of proper security. While fencing, lighting and alarm systems can all help protect the merchandise that’s stored within a marina, more advanced security access solutions should also be considered. This is especially relevant when you consider that most criminal activity in a marina is not done spontaneously, but planned out by the wrongdoers. A more robust security access solution can reduce the potential for “merchandise scouting” and theft, and at Card Lock Company, we can work with you to implement it.

Security Solutions for Marinas

So just what types of security access solutions should marinas be looking to implement to keep boats and watercraft secure and protected? Here’s a look at some of the solutions that can give boat owners greater peace of mind:

  • Conventional card locks: Time-tested, proven, and cost-effective, implementing the original card locks and card readers is one way to better manage access. This solution is simple, yet effective. Boat owners would be granted an access card and would simply have to scan it to gain access to the marina at the main entrance.
  • Secure access control solutions: These solutions work similar to the traditional card lock, except you don’t need to carry around any sort of physical card – you just need to have the right credentials on your mobile phone. Noting this, these solutions tend to be more convenient. They also tend to be more flexible and able to be adjusted or adapted in real-time.
  • Card Lock Cloud: Want to move software and servers off-site but still have a robust key card system to permit access to those who need it? Card Lock Cloud is an ideal custom solution where everything is managed in this manner. Changes can be made in real-time and it’s easy to grant or deny access to anyone.

Contact Card Lock Company

For more information on the importance of safeguarding any marina and to learn more about the solutions that can help you achieve enhanced security, contact Card Lock Company today. A more secure marina is only going to translate to a safer environment with more satisfied watercraft owners. Contact Card Lock Company today to learn more and for a free consultation on securing your marina.

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