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Cloud technology has a wonderful way of making tasks easier across countless industries. So, now that Access Control as a Service (ACaaS has started to gain steam, IHS’ projection that it will play a role in 1.8 million facilities by 2018 doesn’t seem all that surprising. Below, we’ll take you through why we think it’s a game-changer.

  1. It’s Remote

    This feature alone makes ACaaS worth the price of admission. Thanks to WIFI and Ethernet connectivity, ACaaS enables facility accessibility with a mobile device, from anywhere in the world. This also means that all processing and maintenance is handled off-site—that’s room you won’t have to make (on-premises or in your budget) for bulky hardware or expensive IT personnel.

  2. It’s Scalable

    Thanks to a centralized platform in the cloud, setting up ACaaS for one door means setting it up for the next thousand should a facility require. Gone are the days of each office needing to host its own server. And it’s really easy to customize these control systems so that the right people are able to access the right places at the right times.

  3. It’s Secure

    When we say secure, we’re talking about the digital equivalent of those corny old spy movies with lasers in the hallways, secure. Safety measures include guarded facilities, video camera surveillance, alarms, and backup power supplies should there ever be an outage. Okay, so maybe not lasers, but the next best thing.

  4. You Can Pay-As-You-Go

    Goodbye upfront costs like hardware, software, and setup—we live in the future now. Monthly or yearly subscription pricing models allow ACaaS to immediately begin adding back to your bottom line. Think of it as a Netflix for your … building.

As we noted in our previous post “The Major Trends in Key Card Access to be Aware of in 2018 and Beyond,” the development of ACaaS marks a major turning point in our industry. At Card Lock® Company, part of our commitment to you is to investigate new manufacturing and product technologies that allow us to provide you with the best products America can produce. We currently offer both IP-Enabled Access Control Equipment and ACaaS. Ready to get started? Contact one of our product specialists today.

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