The Pandemic’s Impact on VFW Halls (and What You Can do to Help)

Sign for Pandemic Impact on VFW HallsThe COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every facet of life. Tens of millions of Americans have filed for unemployment since it uprooted America in March 2020. The service and travel industries have been particularly hard-hit, and businesses of all sizes have struggled to make ends meet while navigating capacity limitations and government-mandated closures. And that’s not even taking into consideration the loss of life that has occurred.

Similarly, VFW and American Legion Halls have also had their share of struggle, and during a time when they already made little profit and have experienced numerous years of declining memberships. It’s estimated that some 11,000 Halls throughout the country have closed due to the economic impact of the pandemic. 

But the closure of a brick-and-mortar facility such as this isn’t perhaps the worst thing about Hall closures. The most significant effect is the mental health toll that such a closure can take. Veterans often rely on attending meetings and other events at such Halls to help them cope and better come to terms with past trauma or past war experiences. It’s these facilities that offer a sense of community with like-minded people, and many veterans are likely struggling without them. 

Card Lock Company got its start providing security solutions and membership collection solutions for armed services organizations. Although we’ve branched out since our founding in the 1940s and expanded to working with other facilities, we desire to be once again a part of the solution in saving VFW and American Legion Halls so they can continue to provide for the communities they reside. We encourage you to help. Here’s a look at how:

How You Can Help Save VFW and American Legion Halls

So how can you help save the essential facilities that serve those who have served our country? There are several things that you can do:

  • Spread the word: These Halls were struggling before the pandemic with declining membership, leaving them little to no wiggle room when things were shut down to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. With hope on the horizon and an end to the pandemic seemingly in sight, promoting the VFW Halls in your area so that membership can improve is vital.
  • Lend a helping hand: VFW Halls are often frequented by older military veterans who may have mobility issues or problems securing transportation getting to and from the facilities. If you know of a neighbor or friend in the community who wants to attend one of these facilities, lend a helping hand and give them a ride there and back.
  • Donate: As we said in the opening, these Halls typically turn very little profit and rely on membership dues to continue operating. Because of this, many existing facilities require upkeep, maintenance, and improvements. Consider donating to your local VFW or American Legion Hall to make these improvements possible so that veterans can enjoy the amenities at these facilities that they deserve.

At Card Lock Company, our roots are working with veteran facilities, and we’re committed to working with them in this time of need. We’re known for our fair prices, quality work, and industry-leading access control systems. With your help, we can update, maintain and keep the VFW and American Legion Halls vital to the communities where we live, work and play.

For more information on Card Lock Company, our services, and our commitment to supporting military veterans, contact us today.

At Card Lock, our commitment to honoring and supporting those who served and sacrificed for our country runs deep. Founded in the 1940s by veterans to provide security solutions for veteran-focused fraternal organizations and clubs, making a positive impact in veterans’ lives has been in Card Lock’s DNA for over 70 years. Today, many eligible veterans never apply for the benefits and compensation they are entitled to—which is why we encourage all veterans to visit Veterans Guide, a comprehensive online resource to help you obtain all of the benefits you are owed for your service.

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