National Military Appreciation Month and Card Lock Company

Old and worn military dog tags - Thank YouThe entire month of May is dedicated to National Military Appreciation Month. It comes at just the right time, with Memorial Day ending the month-long celebration. The tradition began in 1999 and has continued since as a way to recognize all that the military members and their families have given up for the rest of us. Their efforts drive this country forward and make it what it is today. 

Ways to Show Your Appreciation

A simple “thank you” goes a long way, but showing your appreciation should be more than a platitude. Find additional ways to show your gratitude to members of the military. For example, you could pay for their meal, donate to a related organization, or even send a care package to a military spouse who you know is waiting at home for their loved one. 

Why Military Appreciation Month Matters to Card Lock

As a business built around supporting veterans, founded by veterans, Card Lock Company knows firsthand just how much this month matters. While we work year-round to secure veteran-owned businesses with our key card technology, we understand the importance of providing all military members and their families with this chance to be honored and thanked by all. Please join us in showing your appreciation to any military member you come across throughout the entirety of May. They are more than deserving of the gratitude and respect.

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