Celebrating Independence Day

Bright burning sparklers against American flag, closeupIndependence Day, known to many as the 4th of July, is a celebration that deserves far more than fireworks and hot dogs. We at Card Lock Company are beyond thankful to those who have fought for America and the right to be free. When the original 13 colonies became free and independent from Great Britain, it marked the beginning of a great nation. We are happy to celebrate it each year on the 4th, and every day between. 

John Adams, a Founding Father, said that this day of deliverance should be remembered forever. Pomp and parade, sports, bonfires, games, shows, and more should help celebrate the occasion. The traditions he discussed have long continued since his writing in 1776, the year our independence began. We at Card Lock are proud to honor the heroes who fought for our country then, and continue to do so today. Our freedom would not have been possible, and would not be possible now, without them. For that, we thank you. 

Card Lock Company began as a business by veterans, for veterans. We routinely work with the VFW and other local organizations to bring safety and security to their spaces. Those who have worked so hard to protect us deserve to be protected themselves. On Independence Day and every other day, we honor that commitment.

At Card Lock, our commitment to honoring and supporting those who served and sacrificed for our country runs deep. Founded in the 1940s by veterans to provide security solutions for veteran-focused fraternal organizations and clubs, making a positive impact in veterans’ lives has been in Card Lock’s DNA for over 70 years. Today, many eligible veterans never apply for the benefits and compensation they are entitled to—which is why we encourage all veterans to visit Veterans Guide, a comprehensive online resource to help you obtain all of the benefits you are owed for your service.

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