Card Readers

Card Lock Company offers several key card reader options, each with its own features.

Card Lock is a simple and low cost way of solving the age-old metal key problem. An attractive face plate is the only evidence of this highly-secure entrance control system. Behind the face plate is an electromagnetic card reader. Only a properly coded card inserted in the face plate spot and read by the scanner, will open the door. Ordinary keys are easily duplicated by a locksmith. The Card Lock key card is virtually impossible to duplicate.

The Card Lock system, with its convenience and improved security, costs very little. For one low price, you receive a complete Card Lock installation package, which includes an electric latch release, an exterior faceplate, related accessories and easy-to-follow instructions. The card keys, coded to operate your Card Lock, are not only durable and more convenient, but cost far less than metal keys.

Card Lock Company offers several trademarked card reader systems from a simple key card lock system to advanced fully programmable key card access systems that interface with the Internet. Whether you need to collect dues, ensure proper access or utilize state of the art technology for individual cards, we have the solution for you.

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Magnetically operated scanner which reads a properly coded card key.

Card LockĀ® Company offers several key card reader options