Smart Card Technology

Smart cards provide an efficient, convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade your access control system. Embedded with a memory or microprocessing chip inside the card, smart cards can authenticate an individual’s information, transfer, store and update information as needed.

Whether you are looking for a contact card that can be physically inserted into a reader or a contactless card outfitted with an RFID antennae, your access control system benefits from the addition of these smart cards to help improve your overall security.

Smart Cards Can:

  • Be used in multi-factor authentication systems
  • Be programmed to provide access to multiple areas of one building or buildings
  • Protect corporate networks by authenticating access to workstations and eliminating the need for passwords
  • Be used to keep time and attendance records or for quick convenient payment processing

At Card Lock, we provide solutions to your access control needs. We design and customize our solutions to your specific needs, including smart cards. Contact us to get started today!