Technology Trends for 2019

The New Year is almost upon us and we are looking at breakthroughs and innovations in technology across the board for 2019. It is our mission and a necessity in our industry to keep up with the changing technology of the future, and we are looking forward to these five new technology trends for 2019:

 Privacy & Security

Digital privacy and security are the wave of the future, and Blockchain is changing the privacy game in 2019. A new way to verify identity and provide increased transparency in online transactions, Blockchain has the potential to improve security for business relations, reduce data breaches, and impact data collection for ecommerce businesses. In a day and age where privacy regulations like the GDPR are being implemented, and data breaches are more of a threat with continued advancements in the loT and Cloud computing, Blockchain is a relevant and timely solution for people who are concerned about protecting their online privacy. Blockchain has applications that have advanced simply from finance and online commerce into government, supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

AI – Not Just Science Fiction

AI is quickly becoming more of a reality as opposed to simply a fun pop-culture movie theme or dream of the future. The general public is no stranger to the idea of self-driving cars, smart technology such as mirrors, lights or speakers, as well as pilotless drones. Advancing AI technology, Microsoft and Uber now, “use KnightscopeK5 robots to patrol parking lots and large outdoor areas to predict and prevent crime. The robots can read license plates, report suspicious activity and collect data to report to their owners.” These robots are just one example of the autonomous technologies that are poised to revolutionize jobs, homes, computers, cars, and security in years to come.

3D Printing – Goods & Manufacturing

Revolutionary companies like, “3D Systems and Stratasys are working to produce custom goods at the same cost as mass-produced ones,” as well as tools that will transform manufacturing in the next decade. 3D printing technological innovations have the potential to impact additional industries such as medical, consumer, and fuel as printers expand and take on the capabilities of metal printing as opposed to just plastic or basic materials.

Virtual Reality – Become Immersed

Virtual reality is now installed in rides at malls, used while playing video games, and is readily available in big box stores or online for the regular consumer. Immersive technology is evolving in quality and into enterprise industries in 2019, “with the next generation of VR able to sense shapes and track a user’s position and MR enabling people to view and interact with their world.” Not just for games and fun, immersive technology like AR, MR and VR has the potential to change how people view themselves and each other as they connect through business, training and personal lives.

5G Launch

5G is set to sweep the nation and the world, as another new technology trends for 2019. Replacing 4G with higher bandwidth, lower latency and additional enhancements, Forbes predicts, “5G will enable more hybrid and cloud applications ranging from machine learning to cloud-based graphics rendering for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and gaming.” Aside from increased speeds and implications for mobile use, 5G ties together many of these future trends and a wave of possibilities in technological and security advancements we have yet to fully realize.

Technology is changing at such an incredible pace, impacting individual lives, businesses and industries on a revolutionary scale. Things we have only previously dreamed of are within the realm of possibility and are changing the way we do business as well. We continue to offer only the highest quality and superior products at Card Lock, designing customized security systems that utilize the latest electronic and computerized systems. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us today!

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