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Since the 1940s, Card Lock™ Company has been committed to providing fraternal organizations, member groups and other entities with the type of reliable card system they need to not only monitor access to their groups but also collect annual dues and more. When a company has been in business for over 50 years, sometimes it’s important to look back at the beginning to see just how far they’ve come.

Trusted. Respected. Dependable.

Since its inception, Card Lock™ Company has always been committed to offering the types of keyed-entry systems that are designed to meet the needs of fraternal organizations, membership clubs and more. These systems allow the user to place their card on the reader, at which point information contained on the magnetic stripe on the card was read.

The benefits of this system are countless. Not only can organizations and businesses restrict access to a building based on people who are actually supposed to be there, but they also allow them to collect annual, semi-annual and quarterly dues as well. It allows their organizations to meet the ever-changing needs of their members and run a well-organized, properly functioning group at the same time. They don’t have to worry about a system cutting off access to the wrong person or one that doesn’t properly keep track of who is paid up on their dues and who isn’t. With systems like these, Card Lock™ Company has cemented its reputation as being a trusted and dependable leader in the industry and the foundation that these solutions were built on will continue to propel the company forward for years to come.

The Technology of Tomorrow

Though these systems still have a lot to offer membership organizations and other businesses all over the world, Card Lock™ Company understands that there may be groups out there that need a bit more flexibility. If dues aren’t based on a quarterly schedule but rather on join date, for example, they may need a solution that is a bit more advanced. If entry restrictions to a building aren’t based on whether or not a member’s dues are paid but rather on the time of day they’re trying to gain entry, or even the day of the month they’re stopping by for a visit, something a bit more forward-thinking is needed.

28sapTake the Programmable 26SA Card Lock™, for example – in addition to the fact that it is extremely easy to install, it also has a 65,000 card capacity. The user’s card just needs to be touched to the unit’s stainless steel touch plate and access is either granted or denied as necessary. Cards can be both validated and voided in a matter of seconds without ever coming into physical contact with the unit itself. It also allows for a much finer level of restricted access as well as the ability to manage dues on any schedule that you’d like, be it join date or something else entirely.

Even the electronic locks themselves have come a long way over the last 50 years. Not only are they smaller and sturdier than ever before, but they also come with wood, metal or aluminum frames for the user to choose from depending on their needs. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

The One Quality That Never Changes: Empowerment

Even looking at just the progress that has been made in card lock technologies in the last few years, it’s hard to argue against the fact that solutions across the industry have changed dramatically. This difference is exponentially more clear the farther back you look, dating all the way back to the first Card Lock™ Company solutions that hit the market over 50 years ago. In all of that time, however, there is one thing that has never changed and never will. It’s a quality that is found in both Card Lock™ Company and in the products that consumers rely on daily: Empowerment.

Since the day that Card Lock™ Company opened its doors in the 1940, it has been singularly committed to providing the types of technological solutions to private clubs, fraternal organizations, local meeting places and more that they can use to both regulate their own membership, collect dues and perform other necessary functions on a daily basis. These groups need a solution that they know will dutifully serve them for years to come, just like many veterans themselves dutifully served the citizens of the United States both home and abroad. Card Lock™ Company is incredibly proud to be the provider of those solutions with products that are not only reliable and provide easy access control, but that come from a business that is family owned and entirely made in the USA.

Card Lock™ Company has always been that provider and pledges that it doesn’t plan on changing that simple but important approach to business anytime soon.

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